Amateur Driving: Essential U.S. Driving Laws for Amateur Drivers

The laws of driving are essential in the US. It is a country where driving is commonplace and where almost every household has a car. This means that accidents are also likely to happen because of how frequently Americans drive. This is still true despite the pandemic. As an amateur driver, you need to abide by these laws of the road.

There are now about 229 million licensed drivers in the country. That’s about 70% of the entire population and one of the world’s highest rates of licensed drivers. However, new drivers tend to forget essential traffic laws when they are on the road, despite most of them going to driving school. Forgetting about major traffic laws can lead to disastrous accidents.

It’s estimated that about 33,400 fatal crashes happen in the US every year. This is attributed to many things, but experts believe that drunk, exhausted, and amateur drivers are the three most fundamental reasons. This article will address the essential laws that you should always remember when driving in the US, so you won’t be a part of the fatal crashes that happen every year.

Do Not Be Forced to Give Information

The first thing you should know as a driver is that traffic enforcers and other authority figures shouldn’t bully you if you have broken a traffic law or find yourself in an accident. After an accident, you have the right to having a car accident lawyer present before you talk. The only thing you are supposed to share by law is what’s in your driver’s license.

The reason behind all of this is that you have the right to a proper trial. In most instances, insurance companies will even tell you never to admit fault or never apologize to anyone during an accident or a traffic law violation. Apologizing can be an act of admitting to a crime, which can be problematic when you’re on the spot.

Always remember this if you got yourself in an accident or got into a traffic law violation. There are people out there who might bully you into apologizing, and you should never do that if that’s the case. Instead, stay in your car, and wait for your lawyer or other officials to handle the situation.

Always Drive on the Right Side of the Road

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This particular law can be pretty tricky for those people who have lived in the UK, or even Malaysia, where driving on the right has been the norm for quite some time. However, it’s a general law that can lead to accidents and tickets for reckless driving if broken. Remember that steering wheels in the US are always on the left, so you should always drive on the right.

Basic Speed Rule

Each state has a basic speed rule that you should follow even if no signage tells you to do so. You should maintain this speed when on public roads and highways. When you’re on a road that permits you to go over the basic speed, then you’re free to do so, but you should never go above the road’s speed limit.

Interestingly enough, some states might even ask you to drive faster. For example, in different tourist spots in California, drivers are told to drive faster or else they’ll be pulled over. This is to avoid accidents in these spots. Always follow the basic speed rule if you’re driving on a public road so you can avoid accidents or being pulled over.

Always Bring Proof of Insurance with You

This is a law that most amateur drivers forget to do, leading to hefty fines. The law mandates that drivers always carry their car insurance with them in cases of accidents. This is to prove that they have the necessary funds to pay for damages.

There is an interesting way to bypass this law: always carry a lot of money with you. This means that you should always have enough to pay for any damages you might cause while you’re on the road. But since no one can ever predict when they get into an accident, it’s better to have your car insurance with you.

Keep Both Hands on the Steering Wheel

Lastly, you should always have your hands on the nine and three o’clock positions of your steering wheel when driving. Although some states won’t pull you over for driving with one hand, some will actively pull you over if they don’t see both of your hands on the steering wheel. So keep this in mind when you’re out on the road.

So here are some essential traffic laws you should know as an amateur driver. Know these laws by heart, especially when you’re out on the road, and you shouldn’t get into any trouble.

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