The work of a sexual offence solicitor

Being accused of committing a crime of a sexual nature is something that many people consider to be a horrendous idea, as most people would never commit such a crime against another human being. When someone is accused of a crime such as rape or sexual assault and they know they are innocent they may quickly feel like their life is about to come crashing down for no good reason. This can lead to a person losing their self-confidence as well as losing their family and career if the allegation is made public.

In recent years the country has seen some high-profile cases play out within public view and while this may have made people more aware that there are those living in our society with a predator-like instinct, it should be recognised that not everybody who is accused of a sex crime is guilty, Unfortunately, there have been cases of wrongful allegations of sex crimes made against people, which is something we should seek to stamp out in the United Kingdom.

When someone is accused of a sex crime the first step they need to take that will assist them to build a case that will help them defend themselves is to hire a sexual offence solicitor to represent them and help gather the facts around the allegation. Potential clients should know that other than confirming their name and address when they are arrested they should not answer any other questions without a legal representative present. They will be able to ensure that any questions asked are relevant to the case in question and that the person who has been arrested does not have their legal rights compromised.

Building the case

restraining order

Following a person being arrested on suspicion of committing a sexual offence there will be a need to build a case that could be put forward as a defence, this means evidence will have to be collated and statements will have to be collected. This will help to establish the facts of a case and hopefully bring the truth to light. For this reason, it is important for the person who is accused to remember as much detail as possible about any incident they may have been involved in and they should relay these details in an honest manner to their legal representative.

For the accused the experience of being wrongfully accused of committing an illegal sex act can prove incredibly stressful, to some it may look like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and they may feel they cannot get through the situation, but they can. These people need to remember that the legal system of the United Kingdom is very robust, the police are capable of investigating a crime and getting to the truth of any matter they are investigating. Certainly, the police would never seek to pursue a case in court against a person that they know to be innocent, as this would be a waste of their resources and time.

The hope

The hope is that no innocent person is accused of committing a sex crime, as there should be no need for this to happen. If someone finds they are arrested for the suspicion of committing such a crime then they need to engage the services of a sexual offence solicitor at the earliest possible time following their arrest.

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