Deal Breakers in Any Marriage

Every marriage requires work. Every couple needs to work on spending time without kids and talking about their feelings and emotions. With career demands, spending quality time together is something couples forget. But that is something that can be remedied by making time for date night, for instance. However, other marital issues one cannot solve by working on the relationship. Here are situations that often mean one has to contact divorce lawyers.


Contempt is a predictor for divorce. Sarcastic comments and finger-pointing create a rift between marital partners that is difficult to bridge. The only way to stop the fights that often occur is for one person to soften their stance towards the other and try to talk. That rarely happens, and the person that feels despised and put down will choose to leave the union.

Needlessly Argumentative Partner

Some people have to win every argument. Whether they are right or wrong, their partners have to concede every time. That can be worse if one person picks fights and refuses to apologize or discuss the issue even if they are wrong. This situation can be emotionally draining and bad for the children, too, as it creates an unhealthy environment.


Every person has their limit; some people will get divorce lawyers the first time they are cheated on, and others will forgive and hope it will not happen again. That noted, if one partner keeps on cheating and apologizing, it is not advisable to remain in the union. There is an obvious risk of sexually transmitted infections and also emotional trauma.

Secrets and Lies

couple in counselling

When a spouse is secretive about their goings and comings, it can be very unpleasant. People who live in the same house, where one person goes, do not have to be a huge mystery. If they get angry when asked about their activities, then there is a problem. There has to be a certain level of openness in a marriage without which one person will feel abandoned or alone. One should feel that their marital partner shares openly and is not hiding something from them.

Avoidant Partner

In any relationship, people have different attachment styles. If one person requires intimacy and the other is avoidant, then the relationship will not work. An avoidant person can make a normally relaxed person into a needy person. It also lowers their self-esteem because a highly avoidant person shows no affection, and sex with them is mechanical.

Refusal to Change

When there are issues in a relationship, partners should be willing to meet halfway. But if one person continues to engage in behavior that is upsetting to their spouse, it is best to end the union. One should not sacrifice their happiness to be in a marriage where they are not appreciated. The marital union should be mutually satisfying.

As noted above, marriage should be mutually satisfying, and all parties should be happy. If one’s needs are unmet in the union and all attempts at discussion are suppressed, it is advisable to contact a divorce lawyer and begin divorce proceedings.

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